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Eddie Grant and Simon Griffiths designs are simply stunning. As any kitchen designer will know the client’s needs are paramount. Consideration is made to all factors of the client’s needs, wants and lifestyle.  With passions for creating culinary masterpiece they will put together the perfect workspace designed just for you. Here are two kitchen designer's who’s designs are born out of their own passions for beautiful living spaces. Spaces for living in rather than looking at.


Kitchen Designer

Kitchen Designer : More Passion Than Aspiration

Delve in to the backgrounds of these two kitchen designer's and you find out why it’s more passion than aspiration. Simon Griffiths spent his training years in London after graduating from university with honours. Eddie Grant spent his training years on building sites after leaving secondary school. Simons spent many years developing new branding for some of what are now leading brands. Eddie spent many years contracting to many universities. He says “ I always wanted to go to university, but this way, I get paid.”

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Eddie has meandered his way from plasterer to property developer and now discovered a passion for cooking and interior design. Simon now has his own design company concentrating on branding. Simon met Eddie by way of Eddie becoming Simons client. Now both known as Grant and Griffiths Contemporary Kitchen Design.

Now Eddie and Simon are a formidable team with a fantastic portfolio of works from all over the country, from London, Chester, Leeds, Sheffield and many other cities and small towns.

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These kitchen designer's portfolio ranges from small terraced kitchens right through to Chester mansions, albeit most of the commissions is to medium sized semi-detached houses and medium sized detached properties. Some of the work is to large partnership schemes for social housing, student accommodation through to luxury apartment buildings.

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They really are passionate about the spaces and the clients they meet. “It's more a privilege than a day’s work.” You will find eddies and Simons fees are very modest indeed. With a starting fee of just £295.00 you can enjoy the work Eddie and Simon create.




Grant and Griffiths Provide Kitchen Design throughout the UK including but not limited to; London, Harrogate, Cambridge, Manchester, Bath and Oxford

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